How Mary dramatically changed her life in 8 weeks

Inspired personal training and slimming member Mary Cratchley writes:


Hi Richard

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased to have lost the pound I needed to make it to a stone today.

I am inspired and slowly but surely I am being educated, reducing my weight, getting fitter, feeling better and restoring my self-esteem. I know I won’t see a rapid weight loss over the next few months as some do, but I will reach my next goal, (another stone), however long that may take. My life has changed dramatically already in eight weeks and it’s improving, with each new recipe I try, with each pound I lose and with every exercise session I take. There is no doubt and there is no going back.

And so it’s on to the next stone and to the next dress size down!

Simply, thank you Richard.

Mary x


Well done Cratchley.

Great attitude.

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Richard Clarke

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