How to do it like Mary queen of squats

My wife and I have found a TV series we like.

It’s called “Reign”.

It’s a historical drama about Mary Queen of Scotts.

I love a TV programme that’s got a bit of education in it, as well as action.

So the basic gist of the show is that Mary has just come of age and it’s time to marry.

She has been engaged since childhood to the future king of France, Catherine of Aragon’s Son.

That’s the way it was back then.

If you were royalty, you didn’t marry for LOVE, you did it for land and titles.

Mary, now a teenager, has been hidden away at a convent for her safety since the age of 9.

When she finally meets her fiancee, he tells her he may not be able to marry her because things have changed and it’s no longer a good idea for his family.

She hears this bombshell, after waiting for him all those years.

However, Mary, wastes no time in finding another suitor.

Her family and her country depends on her marrying (someone with an army), for their protection and safety.

Why am I telling you this?

The Mary queen of Scotts approach is suitable for weight loss too.

When something is not working out, for example with your diet or exercise plan, sometimes it’s best to move on and stop wasting time.

You may have put all your faith and time into one approach to find, like Mary, that it hasn’t given you the outcome you expected. Like a stale relationship, don’t WASTE even more time trying to turn a diet that’s not working into a diet which does.

Don’t flog a dead horse.

Try a different approach to get what you want, try a different suitor.

Richard Clarke

PS – If you feel like you’re flogging a dead horse with your diet and exercise routine remember, your family and your country depend on you for their protection and safety.

If and when your ready, you may want to try this:

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