How Julie lost 15lbs in 3 weeks AND stopped taking pain killers

I mentioned in a Facebook post, that Julie Jones, from our Felinfoel slimming club, had lost 15lbs in the last three weeks.

Which by anyone’s standard, is very good.

Julie replied to my Facebook post with this:


“Hey Richard. Thanks for the mention of my weight loss. I’m so chuffed. I’ve never lost this much, in 3 weeks ever, and I’ve tried every diet out there. I just wanted to add that as well as the weight loss, I’ve also seen a huge difference in my arthritis pain. I have osteo- arthritis in the spine and hips, and was taking anti inflammatory medication, plus additional pain killers, every day. I now take hardly any anti inflammatory drugs and absolutely no additional pain killers at all, and that is another amazing side affect of following this eating plan. Thanks again Richard.”


More *proof* that cutting out chemical filled foods and eating naturally, is a good move.

Not only for losing weight fast.

But also for improving ones health.

Especially, if like Julie, you have a health condition like arthritis that causes lots of pain, and you have to take a truckload of medication each day.

Of course there are no guarantees.

But, lets say you do exactly what we set out, follow the meal plan, drink the water etc, there is a fair to middling chance you’d get similar results to Julie and our other members. That is specifically – fast weight loss on the scales – and an uptick in your health. Which this time of year, just before holiday, would make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself at the pool or beach.

To get in on the action and become a member yourself go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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