Yo-yo dieter never lost weight this easily before

New member Mary Cratchley has never lost weight so easily and she did it following my fitness and slimming advice:

1st January 2017 came and after another over indulgent Christmas I needed urgent help to lose weight, following years of yo yo dieting using many different slimming plans. Found Richard’s website on line and it’s answered my prayers. Joined his slimming class with Marilyn four weeks ago not believing I could lose the 10lbs in a month he suggested I might “if I followed his healthy diet plan and did what I was told”. Well it’s happened and I’m delighted I hit that target today! Have never lost weight so easily before. The diet plan is about eating clean healthy foods using really tasty recipes. The weight loss, initially my priority, has become a bonus as it’s more about how much better, healthier and happier I feel. There have been moments initially when I felt a bit hungry and missed the carbs, (I can’t deny that) but mostly now I’m able to go between meals without snacking, (never done before without getting the shakes). I’m on a learning curve to eating well and my self esteem has improved.

I’ve also started on Richard’s personal training exercise programme and am enjoying it immensely. It’s like a dream coming true for me after many years of yo yo dieting. I’m motivated to continue on the road to regaining the self confidence of younger days and for that I’m truly grateful.

This is the same Mary who I wrote about last week, she managed to reach her goal.


I’ve been getting lots of testimonials like this.

And to be honest, they always give me a lift, and I’m hungry for more.

So if you’ve been following my wicked ways and want to share your results, please do.

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