Policing My Street

Last year I ended up in my next door neighbours house – in their teenage daughters bedroom – uninvited – at 3am.

Let me explaineth my good friend, I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.

Mrs C and I were in bed sleeping when we heard screams from outside.

Being woken by that sort of stuff is very stressful.

Vectorolie FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Vectorolie FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I looked out of the window and our next door neighbours daughter was being dragged around the street by her boyfriend.

I shot down stairs.

Rich to the rescue!

When I went outside they were nowhere to be seen I approached the boyfriends car, which was running and there was just his mate inside.

I said “where is she?”, he just pointed back at the house looking shocked.

The “disturbance” had moved inside.

My neighbours teenage daughter’s bedroom just so happened to be downstairs at the front of the house.

So I looked through her bedroom window where I could see her sitting on the bed with her boyfriend standing over her, holding her hands and pushing her down.

I presumed my neighbours must be out if all this was going on.

I tried the front door and it was open.

I walked into her bedroom, at which point they stopped fighting and she looked at me and she shouted “what the fuck are you doing in my house?”.

and to be honest it was a good question, I was in my underpants and I had let myself in my neighbours house uninvited.

I explained that I thought she was being attacked by her boyfriend and that she may have needed help.

She told me to eff off again a few times, to get out or she was going to call the police.

I told her I was going to call them myself.

The longer I was there the more awkward I felt in my pants.

So I asked her where the hell her mum and dad were?

She said they were upstairs, and kicked me out of the house.

Fak me, I couldn’t believe it.
(in fairness to my neighbours they slept through it as they have five kids and busy jobs that make them tired.)

How is this story relevant to your fitness and fat loss efforts?

I had taken some action to try and resolve a situation which was causing trouble. (and shocked three teenagers in the process) and after my “intervention” things settled down and everyone went back to bed.

I’m a believer if something is causing you stress or there is trouble, taking some sort of action can make it go away.

My actions had alleviated the situation which was causing everyone stress.

Twas probably a bit extreme looking back as I could of got my ass kicked by the girl next door.

But the same principle applies for whatever makes you anxious or stressed out (your weight and health problems for example).

You need to take action to remedy the situation.

Taking no action and avoiding facing your problems makes things worse.

Rich “people could get hurt” Clarke

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