Oh The Irony Of It

The Dr had prescribed her antidepressants which hadn’t helped.

One of my super troopers proudly told her young GP she was feeling much better and thought that the Vitamin C she was taking, had reduced her stress and helped her depression lift.

She said she felt like the GP didn’t believe her.

I’m not convinced it was the Vitamin C that did it, but as long as you feel better that’s great”, she said.

What an feckin idiot (in my best Mrs Brown’s Irish accent).

Piyaphantawong FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Piyaphantawong FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Years ago I wouldn’t of been confident enough to call a Dr an idiot. Respect your “superiors” n all that shit.

But now I’m a lot clearer and more confident in my ability to help people NATURALLY.

The more stressed out we are the more vitamin C our bodies use.

But don’t take my word alone for it.

Here is some research:


In one German study the researchers subjected 120 people to a BIG known stress — public speaking, combined with some maths questions.

Half of the subjects were given 1,000 mg of vitamin C before the start.

Signs of stress, such as elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol and high blood pressure were much higher in the subjects who did not get any vitamin C.

Those who had the vitamin C also said they felt much less stressed during the trial.

The researchers believe that vitamin C should be considered an essential part of stress management.


I have been telling my clients this for a long time as STRESS is so common these days.

Therefore supplementing with vitamin C, at the right time and right dose CAN significantly reduce stress levels.

Isn’t it ironic that this young GP is giving out drugs all day but she dismisses a vitamin as useless?

Is that the sort of GP you want to help you get well?

It makes me soooooo mad to hear this.

GP’s are not experts in HEALTH they are experts in DISEASE.

Therefore I would advise you to have the confidence to check out what advice your GP gives you, especially if it involves taking more tablets.

I’m lucky I can ask my good friend Dr Mark Daniels on behalf of my clients if necessary.

For example, when a client was told to take a statin because of her blood test results, we checked with Dr Daniels and he said definitely not, her cholesterol was fine.

So you have one GP saying to take a statin because the test results are bad and a danger.

And another GP saying not to take a statin because the test results are good and healthy.

Dr’s can make mistakes, especially with medication.

It’s over used and over prescribed.

Yes of course listen to your Doc, but check the advice with someone else to make sure your not inadvertently making yourself worse.

The advice given can vary so much.

Voraorn FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Voraorn FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The way I see it…

If you ask a GP what to do about your stress or cholesterol or whatever – he will have a pill to fix it, as their tool of choice is DRUGS.

If you ask a councillor what to do about your stress, they will say you need some THERAPY, because that’s their tool of choice.

If you ask yours truly what to do about your stress, someone who has only been able to use the tools NATURE has given us to help people fix things, I will offer you a natural method.

Rich “the natural approach” Clarke

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PPS – a good question to ask your GP if he suggests a tablet is

“what’s the number needed to treat with this?”

That means how effective is the medication, if you gamble it’s like the “odds” of it working. How many people have to take it to help one person get betta.

Quite often it’s over 15 or 20-1, so for every 15 or 20 people who take the tablet, it only helps one.

That’s straight from the Dr’s mouth.

The number needed to treat for Antibiotics is about 15-20 – just to help ONE person.


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