I Was Brought Back Down To Earth (with a bump)‏

I’m forever embarrassing myself.

It’s usually because I’m showing off.

Or because I’m being over competitive.

It’s a lethal combination.

Todays tale involves me showing off

being competitive

AND making a complete arse of myself

– all at the same time.

But I will get to that in a just a second.

When I was younger I was always trying to improve my body.

And when I finally improved it you could find me most days posing in the gym, showing off wherever possible.

This led to lots of little incidents…

– I’ve fallen off a running machine.

– Dropped a heavy weight onto my foot.

– Ripped my trousers squatting

And the one I’m gonna tell you about today

– I managed to fall over head first in a circuit training class

Let me explain…

Once upon a time Penlan Leisure centre played a big part in my life.

Looking back I can see I learned so much up there.

I made friends for life.

Lots of which are now on my email list. (hi guys)

Plus, and more importantly, and met my wife up there.

This story involves one of my first ever sports massage customers, Leighton Quinn.

He is now a good friend and has the title as my longest standing client.

He is quite well known and is a director at Advanced Heating Wales a big plumbing company and he is also heavily involved in Penlan rugby club.

He goes to the leisure centre.

He is VERY fit.

And nearly 20 years older than me.

And like me, he is a competitive guy too. (Not a show off though)

He was the king of circuits and went three times a week.

Leighton was a bugger for racing people on the sprints.

I would try to avoid him because in my stupidity I had been his partner a few times

And had tried to compete with him, and come off worse for it.

But this night I couldn’t avoid him, our eyes met across the sports hall we weren’t partners but had both landed on sprints around the hall at the same time

And it was game on.

We were racing like a couple of 15 year olds.

We were going at full tilt.

And, as I was trying to tip toe my way around the sports hall

I took one too many short cuts

and tripped on something

and couldn’t stop myself

and tumbled head first into a group of people

a step, some cones and slid across the floor on my chest.

There were around 60+ people there who I’m sure would have showed some concern if they could stop laughing.

When I went up the rugby club on the Saturday they were still laughing about it.

Bar stewards.

My advice today is to stay humble, don’t show off


Only compete with yourself

Or you could end up making a complete arse of yourself, just like I did.

Rich “a few bruises & a dented ego” Clarke

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