Wearing A Jumper Around Her Waist

She told me “I hate seeing myself in the mirror“.

She got so upset and angry by what she saw looking back at her, quite often she would cry out of frustration.

Dressed or undressed…It didn’t matter.

She had a wardrobe full of clothes – but nothing to wear.

None of her clothes fitted her anymore.

She had started to decline invitations to socialise and she said she would rather stay in where no one could see her.

Things had changed so much she didn’t recognise who she saw, she hated herself for letting it happen.

…”I’m angry for letting myself get this bad“.

…”I won’t go anywhere without a jumper around my waist because my bum is so big”.

Hating your body and yourself so you don’t even want to look at it in the mirror

is more common than people like to admit.

The ladies I work with can hate their…





-It doesn’t matter.

Whatever the particular body part or parts are, some of my lovely ladies despise the way they look.

Covering up bits is one strategy unhappy ladies use…

(We have discussed some others in the past)

…to protect the world from seeing their arse.

Long t shirts which cover their bums or some others use shorts to do the same “cover up” job.

They hate walking into a new environment because of the way it makes them feel.

They choose their “spot” in a gym or class based on “how visible” they are.

If they could be invisible, that would suit some of them

I’m sure.

Confidence is SOOOO important for us all, and especially so for women.

You need to feel comfortable when exercising so you can get sweaty, move your body and have your “bits wobbling and bouncing” with no one there to see it all happening.

Feeling good about your body fills you with confidence.

If you look good, often you feel good too.

Wearing a jumper around your waist is one of those things some women do “to hide” and give themselves the confidence to exercise in a group or a big gym.

A lack of body confidence and embarrassment is stopping these ladies leading the life they really want.

I’m sharing this story today so you know you are not alone in your struggles.

Lots of women feel like this.

I get it, I understand, after 20 years in the job I really do.

That’s why I have a SMALL gym without any mirrors.

It’s a benefit of me working with women over 40, people tell me they like being with others their own age.

I also assess body confidence at the start and end of my programmes, it only goes one way, and that’s UP.

Find an environment where you can feel at home and where no one is looking at you (not like that anyway).

Rich “confidence booster” Clarke

PS – nothing down here today but thanks for checking.


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