Her Ex Found A New Woman

That’s what she told me.

My ex has found a new woman“.

What do you say…awkward or what.

I said, “how do you feel about that?

She said “I’m upset that it’s so soon”.

She had already told me how they had finished just a couple of months earlier.

She said, the relationship had seen its day, neither of them were trying anymore and they had let themselves go.

The arguments had got worse and he used to call her fat and tell her she was not attractive.

She had lost all her confidence.

She said he was right, she had got fat, but there was no need for him to say it in such a horrible way.

She also said they had both got fat since being together and he was “no oil painting” himself.

I asked her what she planned to do about this new found information.

And she said:

I’m gonna show him what he is missing”.

^^Now that’s some motivation right there ^^

She is gonna be unstoppable now.

She has a powerful reason to help drive her.

I could have said, some airy fairy shit like “try to focus on yourself and not do it because of him”.

But that would be bullshit.

She is in pain.

It hurts her to think of him with someone else.

In fact it’s so painful a thought for her, she is going to do something about it.

The pain is going to help motivate her.

Motivation is what most of us lack when it comes to all this weight loss and fitness.

(We often know what to do, but can’t be arsed to do it.)

Getting revenge or saying “I’m gonna show him” is a pretty powerful motivator.

Proving people wrong.

Showing them that there is more to you.

Showing them what they have lost out on.

All feels really good.

It feels natural.

It’s like balancing the books of feelings and makes you feel better.

“Forgiveness” and focussing on yourself maybe all good in theory, but it’s not natural.

Nothing satisfies the soul like getting a bit of your own back.

In a positive, dignified way of course.

Rich “revenge is natural” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow to find out about one of the mums up the school who sacked her personal trainer, and why….

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