If You Could Have One Super Power…

This is a bit of a brag fest and I don’t want to sound like a dick, but here goes …

If you could have one super power…

…What would it be?

Would you want to fly?

Or be invisible?

Or be really fast like The Flash?

I know…

to make some men disappear with a click of your fingers 😉

If I could choose, it would to be to fly

(my naughty side would choose invisibility, enough said)

Ok I know it’s childish but what can I say, I’m childish.

In reality though that’s just all sooooo ridiculous.

Because everyone knows…

…you don’t choose your super power you silly billy

It chooses you.

And if the films are anything to go by

Usually the super power is a result of an accident or unplanned series of events.

The superhero is often pushed to near death before he actually becomes a bad ass.

It’s what happened to me (kinda ;-)) when I realised what my super power was.

My (cough) super power is helping women over 40 look and feel their best.

I didn’t consciously choose to have this super power

I tried at times to do other things (I will tell you about that I’m sure)

But it’s a gift

And now I’m proud so I roll up my sleeves and fight the good fight.

Periods, pelvic floor and pooing, nothing stops me.

My super power was also forged under exceptional circumstances and you could say by accident.

I got a job, which was my second choice, I ended up in working in Llanelli.

Which at the time was the 3rd most deprived place in a deprived country. (Wales)

Over the course of 6 years I ended up working closely with thousands of (crazy) women over 40

Women who were very unwell, overweight and often depressed.

My job was to deliver the GP exercise referral programme for the local government.

It was great and looking back I can see I learnt so much (and made life long friends).

It became the busiest scheme in Wales in no time at all, we used to have lots of fun

Then, things changed, I had a promotion, and didn’t enjoy it as much (as I wasn’t with the clients).

I was also running two businesses outside of this role and I made myself very unwell trying to make it all work.

I eventually left to do my own thing, to do what I’m good at, which is what you see today.

Figuring out what I was good at and focusing on that was the key to it all for me personally.

Why do I speak of this?

All bragging, jokes and super hero references aside

It’s my job to tell you this stuff

to let you know about how I can help you

tell you what I’m good at, what I’m shite at.

and to do it all in as fun a way as possible, and hopefully without sounding too much of a big head or a dick head.

Rich “superhero” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out next week to find out all about my new book called The New Rules Of Fat Loss

(And of course how you can reserve yourself a copy)

PPS – Until then i will leave you wit the great Karl Pilkington, who has given his super power some thought and decided he would like to be “bullshit” man.

Its absolute class (50 seconds):


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