The Weekends Are Hard

Karen just emailed me and said:

I certainly need the COTC diet, I’m going to give that plan a whirl starting tomorrow. I always find work days easier than the weekends when I’m off
Thanks Karen xxx

She is so right.

On workdays it’s much easier to stick to a diet.

Karen had just received a copy of my most popular diet plan.

It’s really simple.

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Doing the simple things, consistently is where the magic is at.

You can try all the new shiny programmes and promises of FAST weight loss or fitness boosts.

But it always comes back to the same thing.

If you get the basics right, for the majority of the time you will be fine.

Karen said she needs to go on the COTC diet.

In case you missed that info in the past it stands for Cut Out The Crap.

Lots of the time, it really is that simple.

But again, cutting out the crap is a simple concept, but not an easy thing to do.

The solution to make things easier, in my opinion, is to make a plan and get someone to help you.

*Make a plan for the weekend *

If that’s where you invariably slip up.

Plan your food out ahead of time rather than shooting from the hip and going from meal to meal.

Ask someone with experience in these matters to help you with your plan.

And maybe ask an expert to guide you through your journey and keep you accountable and on track.

Having good advice and someone looking over your shoulder and checking up on you is SOOOOOO powerful.

For me it’s the only way I get major things done.

Each month at a meeting, I promise one of my business friends that I will have ‘X’ project done by next time we speak, she does the same.

And it works.

I recommend you try and do the same
1. Make a good plan for the areas where you are weakest (weekends)
2. And be accountable, get someone to check up on you (a reliable friend is ok, but a professional would be better)

Rich “It’s simple but not easy” Clarke

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