I’m Closing The Doors For A Month

Every year it busy at HQ in April and May because it’s less than 12 weeks or so until the summer…

…and this year is no different.

On top of that I’m trying to get my book finished by the end of the month too, so I’m not wanting any distractions and extra demands on my time.

(Your gonna hear a lot about the book soon I promise, I’m itching to tell you about it but I can’t for various reasons.)

So that said, this weekend is going to be the last time you can apply to get one of my last THREE spaces on my one-to-one personal training programmes before THE PRICE GOES UP and I close the doors until at least May.

Now I’m not saying all my clients will be wearing bikinis this summer, but they do want to be in good health and at a good weight to enjoy what the season brings and feel ok in shorts and a T-shirt.

So here’s what you get when you join my signature 12 week one-one training & nutrition programme:

*I will personally assess your current nutrition & lifestyle and advise you on what THE most important things to change first are, then help you to change them.

*You will have two training sessions per week where I will hold your hand and guide you step-by step through your exercise sessions ensuring things are safe AND effective.

*enjoy self guided training sessions where you will follow a plan that I have set for you in order to promote your better learning and independence.

*Have me tailor your exercises to improve all of your weaknesses and ensure you are benefiting from every single thing you do while you are in the gym.

*Let me teach you how to put together a warm up that fixes your old problems and imbalances and makes your body as injury proof as humanly possible.

*Get my personal nutrition blueprint for easily losing weight while eating tasty meals and never counting calories.

*I will teach you the critical mistake to avoid if you want to “keep it off for good” and stop wasting your time, effort and money.

*I will show you my 6 Proven steps which will accelerate your results.

*Get my 2 most powerful strategies for when you fall off the wagon.

*Learn the controversial method that has helped my clients fix their hormones and feel young again.

*Discover 3 almost unknown secrets to getting rid of fat from your troublesome areas.

*Why the lose weight fast approach is “ass backwards” if you want long term success. (n.b. I have nothing against fast weight loss, I encourage it, if you just do this one thing)

The price goes up and the doors close Sunday night until May, if you want in, go here and fill in the quick form and I will be in touch to get the ball rolling after the bank holiday weekend.


Rich “preparing for the summer now” Clarke

PS – if you want to know the prices and more details it’s on this webpage here:


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