The case against sweetener filled bars and diet drinks

Slimming club member Karen Phillips pays homage to my wicked ways because she is never hungry and no longer struggles with her weight:


This guy really knows his stuff and it’s so refreshing to join a group which does not promote sweetener filled bars and diet drinks, I have always believed in eating healthily but still struggled with my weight, not anymore! Going in the right direction at last and it’s all thanks to Richard! I am never hungry on this plan and am learning loads of valuable info which everybody needs. This is not just a weight loss class it is an education in how to look after your body and mind, a comprehensive self care plan. Thanks so much Richard for sharing your knowledge with us, incredibly grateful – you are changing people’s lives, and I daresay saving some too! Generous, genuine person who really cares about others x


Not sure about that last sentence, but the rest is of course 100% true and accurate.

As Karen rightly says, its not just a slimming club, its an education in nutrition and teaches you how to look after yourself.

I agree, that I am probably saving lives too.

That’s enough boosting my ego for now, my head’s already big enough.

To stop struggling with your weight, and get things going in the right direction, you’ll need a plan that works and you wont go far wrong following my “new rules” nutrition plan. Its straight forward, caters for the whole family and even allows you to eat your favourite so called junk foods from time to time, and still see HUGE changes in yourself.

Healthy Lifestyle

You have TWO options if you want to learn my new rules of weight loss:

#1: Learn the ins and outs at one of our our six slimming clubs, like Karen does.

To become a slimming member fill out this form:

#2: Alternatively, if you want to follow the nutrition plan AND get fit at the same time, and prefer a more private approach, then personal training in Birchgrove would be a better option.

Here’s the link to get more info on that:

Richard Clarke

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