It’s NOT Rocket Science

I was watching secret eaters the other day.
Not sure if you have seen it, its on channel four.
To be honest I don’t normally watch weight loss or exercise programmes on the telly because its a bit of a busman’s holiday.
As far as telly goes this programme is pretty cringe worthy.
The basic premiss of the programme is that people don’t know why they are putting on weight.
Apparently 60% of people think they eat healthy.

Mister GC
In the show they have cameras set up in their home and unbeknownst to them private investigators follow them around for the week.
This particular show featured a brother and sister from Scotland.
They needed help unravelling the “mystery” of their weight gain.
They looked at the calories in the food to work out how much they were eating.
The sister said at the beginning of the programme she thought she probably didn’t eat enough.
Her daily average was 3100, and she ate a bit more at the weekends.
Other things they said at the beginning of the programme…
“I’m not eating any more than normal, I don’t know why I’m putting on weight”
“I’m not doing anything any different.  I think its my metabolism”
The woman also said she had put on a stone in the last year and didn’t have a clue why.

Stuart Miles
The woman said she had been on diets and failed to lose a pound, so she had blood tests and was sure there was going to be something wrong.  Nothing – the blood tests showed she was in full working order.
The general consensus was that felt that they were not eating enough to justify the weight gained.
Does any of this sound familiar? 
The presenter was setting them up when she said “so basically you are saying your a medical miracle, is that right?” 
“you eat less and diet and don’t lose weight and the doctors can’t find any reason why?”
“Yes” she said “that’s about right”.
The woman broke down, saying she felt sad all the time, and she felt sorry for herself.
She said “I hate feeling like this, I need to lose weight desperately”.
At the end of the week they got them in to go over what they had eaten or as the presenter put it “to discover the mystery of their weight gain”.
Basically the people in the show were shocked to be told they were eating A LOT more than they thought.  
I shouldn’t but I thought it was funny that they were so surprised by the results, you should of seen their faces. Their food diaries and their actual food intake were poles apart.
But this is just an example of how people who think they have a healthy diet – DON’T.
One so called healthy meal they ate was roast chicken, parsnips and spouts.
The trouble was – the chicken was double the calories because it had been roasted and the parsnips and sprouts were frozen and were double the calories than fresh veg (because the parsnips had honey and batter on them).
The brother under reported his alcohol intake by 15 pints a week. (I’m guessing he was pissed when he completed the food diary form ;-)) and the sister under reported her calorie intake by a massive 50%.
So you can see where they went wrong.
Did you know 80% of us eat food without even realising.
The TV programme also said, the more calorific a meal the less calories we tell ourselves was in it, on a small meal we underestimate by 10% and on a large meal up to 40%.

We apparently make 200 eating decisions a day, but studies show most of them are made without even thinking. So there are scientific answers as to why we ALL over eat.
They showed the couple the errors of their ways, they made some simple BASIC changes and they subsequently lost 16 and 24lbs respectively in just 10 weeks after the show.
This is usually what I end up doing with my clients nutrition – the basics. If you get the basics right (like cutting out the crap, you will be doing well).
It’s NOT Rocket Science. I think we all suffer delusions, just keeping a food diary (if you’re honest) can be a wake up call.
Over and out.
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