Selling It By The Kilo

I couldn’t believe they were selling it by the kilo.
I haven’t done it for years so I guess I’m outa touch.
I’m talking about Lego.

My son Louis is 5 and has just got into it.
So after about two or three weeks I realise this stuff is expensive or should I say, the sets are.
So I go online to look about for the best deals.
I was amazed to find lots of lego websites. Some where they were selling lego by the kilo some where KIDS were not even allowed ;-).
There are thousands of fully grown men out there – trading in lego.
They call themselves – dealers & collectors.
Some old lego stuff is worth a few quid, I saw a £45 set going for £300.
These guys inventory each piece.
Some people might think this is sad, not me, I think its pretty cool.
The internet is like that, full of little communities of like minded people all sharing their passion.
They really get into IT – whatever IT is for them.
Sharing advice. Sharing stories. Sharing what works and what doesn’t.
Helping each other get what they want.
I followed some of the advice given by these “lego geeks” and posted a “lego wanted ad” online.
Next thing I know, my son and I are driving around Swansea picking up buckets of people’s old lego.
What a response, we now have more lego than we know what to do with. 
It got me thinking about our little community and how we do similar things.  
Like minded people. Grouping together. Talking about stuff. 
It’s human nature, it’s what we like to do.
The blog and the podcast are at the centre of our little community.
I’m a fitness and nutrition geek and lots of you are really into this stuff too.
A few thousand over 40’s are visiting the blog each month.
You are part of something special. We are part of something big.
This kinda stuff don’t happen everywhere. If you look around you will see quite the opposite is true. You could say society is falling apart.
It may sound cheesy but I really am trying to change the world for the better – or at least our little corner of it here in South Wales.
I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got and I’m doing it in the only way I know how, through the medium of health, exercise and nutrition.
Sometimes I think of health and fitness as a kind of religion after all it is what I preach to the masses, it’s a way of life.
It has a set of rules/commandments (which I may attempt to write out one day)
Before I start to sound like David Koresh (he was a leader of a cult) I’d better wrap this up.
All I’m sayin is communities are good, they bring people together we are building a lovely virtual community around the blog thanks to your support.
And yes you are a little bit weird if you’re into this stuff because 90% of people just ain’t.
Take care,
Rich “it’s a way of life” Clarke
We answer:
Is Juice Plus a healthy way to improve your health?
What causes pins and needles?
What is the best protein product to buy?
Are protein shakes appropriate for young teenagers?
Plus more.
PPS – I’m doing a review of everything I do at the minute from my training, nutrition and massage business right through to the blog and podcast and would like to hear your comments.
Seriously, I REALLY want to improve what I’m doing and I must be doing some stuff wrong(or could be better), and this goes for my PT clients as well as the readers on the blog. Please let me know what I can do to improve.

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