Mindfulness Exercise – Living Today

Exercise 1:


    Spend a few moments remembering your life about 10 years ago.

    Now imagine yourself in the future, 10 years from today and 10 years older, looking back at the way you are now.

    From this point in the future, what do you imagine you will appreciate about your life today?

    When you are ready, return your thoughts to the present.

 Exercise 2:

Living in the Now 

In the privacy of your thoughts… 

1. Think of something in the future, that you worry a lot about. 

2. Think of something in the past that you regret. 

3. Think of something in the future you wish to happen. 

4. Think of a time in your past, you wish you could return to. 

5. Now try to focus on the present moment, as it is in your life right now. 

Notice how thoughts about your future and past distract you from appreciating the present moment.


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