My 2017 Prediction

An observation:

Over the last 18 years it’s always amazed me how I can give TWO people the SAME advice, the SAME tools, the SAME support, and ONE will absolutely FLY and lose loads of weight while the other loses NOTHING.

And I predict in 2017 that things will remain the SAME.

Why? Im not certain, but it seems to me, the methods some people follow are doomed to fail from the outset, as they are not based on solid principles.

In other words, people are jumping from diet to diet, but not losing weight, because they are overlooking the basic science of weight loss.

This saying explains things:

“Techniques there are many, principles there are few, techniques always change, but Principles never do”.

For example, dieting without detoxification, is a complete waste of time.

Get a load of this:

Researchers found that dieting without detoxifying is one of the best ways to get FATTER.


Can't believe what she sees

In a study at Laval University, in Quebec, scientists showed that the rise in circulating toxins during weight loss led to a drop in metabolism.

In other words, whatever New Year “miracle” plan you decide to follow, (even if it’s not mine, shock horror) if it doesn’t make sure your detoxification pathways are CLEAR, and you stop toxins entering your system, your metabolism (and  results) will SLOW DOWN.

That’s weight loss 101.

To follow a plan that’s well thought out and based on solid principles, go here now:

Richard Clarke

PS – I’m getting a lot of enquiries and questions about starting personal training plans in the New Year. I’m trying my best to answer everyone so please bear with me.The doors are closed for a month, and we are not accepting anyone until after 20th January. You can fill out a form here to be first in line:

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