How to tell if you need a detox?

Had this question come in from loyal subscriber Chris:

QUESTION: How do I know if I need a detox?

If you feel tired, your stomach looks like you’re pregnant and you’ve been eating PROCESSED food and drinking heavily (for years, not just this xmas) it’s likely that your liver is on its arse, and you could benefit from a detox. Basically, if you live in  the western world, you need a detox.

Once your LIVER is like this, full of TOXINS and overloaded, it becomes sluggish, and causes your body to store fat around your belly (plus some other nasty stuff). Which all told, my little darling, means that your fat cells don’t work too good, and it can lead to you becoming weight loss RESISTANT.

Which is when your fat cells are “broken” and all clogged up with toxins and you won’t respond well to dieting or you get even more tired and sick when you try to diet.

This is the situation which if IGNORED LONG TERM leads you to suffering with things like cellulite.

That is one way to tell if you need a detox.water glass isolated with clipping path included

And if you want a bit of guidance, rather than trying to do it on your own, you won’t get a better chance than following one of my plans.

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Richard Clarke

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