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Below is the last in my “stupid diets that work” series and is another corker.

So far this week we’ve had:

#1.  The cocaine diet
#2.  The beer diet
#3.  The cut off a limb diet
#4.  The bomb juice diet

And today, lastly we will serve up the aptly named stupid diet that works #5:

The Last Chance Diet

On this stupid diet people eat nothing at all.

The name “last chance” refers to the people who follow it having their last chance at dieting, before giving up.

The subtitle is: “when everything else has failed”.

The diet programme was designed by a Dr Roger Linn, and was initially heralded as revolutionary.

The “lucky” dieters are allowed one (cough) delicious protein smoothie per day made from cowhide tendons, claws, hooves and other abattoir waste products.

Many pounds were lost.

But it’s reported over 60 people died.

The deaths were attributed to sudden shrinkage of heart muscles and electrolyte
imbalances. (which between you and me, is similar to what happens when you go on many extreme diets, you lose lots of muscle as well as fat, and your heart shrinks because it’s a muscle too). Crazy.

The Last Chance Diet book is actually still available on Amazon, and out of professional curiosity I bought it to add to my collection of diet books.

So that’s it, number 5.

This week’s “stupid diets that work” have gone from extremely stupid to desperately stupid.

So why would people follow such stupid plans?

They kinda work – yes I agree.

They are quick fix and give fast results – yes I agree.

And there is another reason people follow stupid diets that work, even though they:

-Have the potential to kill
-Have the potential to leave permanent damage to your health
-Hurt more than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

It’s because NONE of them involve EXERCISE.

Because it’s obviously easier to do a stupid diet, than it is to eat a proper home cooked meal and perhaps go for a walk every now and then.

But I get it, I understand, these diets tell me that people want

1.  Something guaranteed to work.

2.  That provides fast results.

3.  And is easy to follow.

Now, as I have already said, I DON’T recommend you follow any of the stupid diets we have discussed.

But instead I do recommend checking out my private members academy.

Lots of people are losing lots of weight, and sorting themselves out along the way too.

The diet plan I use for ALL my students, is not only guaranteed to work, provide you with fast results and be super easy to follow.

But it also comes with a 14 day risk free trial, so you can have a look to see if it’s right for you, without risking a single penny of your hard earned cash.

You can check it out here:

Richard Clarke

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