Who would win in a fight? Richard v Slimming World

Happy New Year you scoundrel.

Recently someone said I was anti-slimming world (and weight watchers for that matter). And they were correct.

Now I’ve nothing against the men and women who deliver the classes, I don’t know anything about them, but I have got an issue with what they teach.

Often I think very differently to them, sometimes the POLAR opposite.

Now, before all the sw fans start to get their free spaghetti in a twist, and start telling me how its just “healthy eating”, its not.

That’s a complete lie, (and I’m happy to explain why if you want to know), and I would be more than happy to take the “pepsi challenge” or even have a “weight loss fight” to battle out who’s method is best.

 boxing gloves

For full disclosure, I must admit, I’ve followed slimming worlds “old rules” for years, they didn’t work, that’s why I wrote my book: “The New Rules Of Weight Loss”.

Examples of how my nutrition plan (for personal training and the slimming clubs) is different:

*We don’t encourage you to eat sweetener filled bars and drinks, we do show you how to eat as naturally as possible.

*We don’t encourage telling people its ok to drink 4 Bacardi and diet cokes every night, because its within some crazy points allowance.

*We don’t sell low quality ready meals full of additives and preservatives.

*We don’t sacrifice health or energy for extra weight loss on the scales, we use sleep, energy and health to help guide us to long term success.

*We don’t announce your weight out loud in class, its up to you if you want to share it.

*We don’t encourage you to starve yourself on “weigh day” then have a cheat meal right after class, we teach you how to make healthy versions of all your favourite junk foods.

*We don’t perpetuate industry myths like eating “low fat”, we expose the truth behind what really works and why.

*And the list goes on . . .

Here’s my point:

Its different strokes for different folks.

If your “into” slimming world or weight watchers approach, I am not the guy to listen to.

If, on the other hand, you like the idea of learning how to MASTER eating and nutrition once and for all.

And you want to do it eating home cooked, locally sourced, natural foods, then I might be the cream in your coffee or so to speak.

That’s for you to decide.

But don’t dilly dally.

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