EP39 – Q & A – Ulcerative Colitis, Active Recovery, Rest Days, Running, Filling Replacements, Heavy Metal Chelator, Mercury Fillings, Whitlows, Iodine.

Join Richard Clarke and Doctor Mark Daniels for a Q & A episode of the podcast You Me & The GP. Richard and Dr Mark do their best to answer as many of the questions as possible that you have kindly been sending into the show.

The questions answered on this week’s show include how to build up your stamina through simple exercises without getting too worn out from a women who is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (2:47), should you do active recovery on rest days (9:59), how often and for how long should you take a heavy metal chelator after having filling replacements (12:20) and finally a gentleman suffering from a suspected whitlow on his toe and wants to know how to ease it (17:44).

Remember if you have a question that you want answered by Richard and Mark then email the address in the show notes below.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

If you want to have your questions answered on the show then you can email Richard in as much detail as possible at:

info@richard-clarke.co.uk or contact Dr Mark via info@revolutionaryhealth.co.uk ,you can also contact Richard on twitter or Facebook with your question.

If you would like to receive emails from Richard about health, fitness, nutrition and various other topics then you can subscribe to the blog via www.richard-clarke.co.uk

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For good advice and information on Ulcerative Colitis go to www.robbwolf.com

For more information on mercury fillings and the dangers then check out Episode 12 (published 05/02/14)

To check out the supplements mentioned on the show you can go towww.philrichardsperformance.co.uk


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