Life Without Kids…‏

^^^^^Those were the days eh ^^^^
B.K – Before kids.

Before I had kids, when I was a young personal trainer I didn’t understand how hard it was.

Most personal trainers I know don’t have children, it’s the norm within our industry.

And just as I was, and people without kids are, they don’t have a clue how much easier life is without the little buggers.


-Work & business life is easier
-Home life is easier
-Relationships are easier
-Finances are easier
-Thinking and breathing are easier

If you speak to one of the lucky personal trainers without kids and say you don’t have any time to get in shape, they say things like:

“Preparation is the key so you don’t end up eating crap”

“You need plenty of sleep to recover from training”

Both of which may be true, but will make a tired parent want to slap you around the head with a soggy nappy.

When you are child free, you have so much more time to do everything needed.

You have time to eat properly, sleep properly and train properly.

Having the time to focus just on yourself is a luxury us Mums and Dads don’t have.

My wife says that some of her friends who hear about a personal trainer (or even just a woman ) who is in good shape, say:

“Has she got kids?” <——they are such bitches.

But they ARE onto something.

If the woman has kids – then it’s massive respect.

If not – it’s a massive fail.

See, telling people who have kids to eat a certain way when you don’t have kids – is just CRAZY.

Because you have no clue.

You don’t understand how hard it is for parents especially the mums.

Don’t preach to parents, especially the women about how easy it is to get into shape bla bla bla.

It’s not, otherwise everyone would be in good shape right?

Try following a diet with 2-3 kids, a full time job housework 3 pets and a husband who is like an extra child.
(^^^that’s my family and me, the extra child^^^).

Some days I have known my wife not to eat a proper meal all day because she has been so busy with the kids and chores.

I know mums who eat baby food – yes baby food as they don’t have time to prepare meals.

The mums often put themselves last.

That’s why it’s harder for them to be in good shape with a family in tow.

If you are fit and healthy and in decent shape, I’m proud of you, you have worked hard for sure, and respect is due.

But if you have a family AND are fit, healthy and in good shape, MASSIVE respect, because that shit is SO hard to do.

Rich “love kids but couldn’t eat a whole one” Clarke

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