She Laughed When They Died‏

We human beings are so stupid sometimes.

Especially when it comes to technology, like mobile phones.

Everyone has one.

One of my clients told me how she received a text message from her niece telling her someone they knew had died.

She text back and forth a few times and at the end she wrote:


Now she thought LOL meant “lots of love”.

It actually means LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Which was totally the wrong thing to say when someone has just died…

But they both did laugh out loud once they realised what she had mistakenly said.

That’s just one example of how we can EASILY get things a little wrong because we presume we know something.

Adding together 1 and 1 and coming up with 3.

We all do this.

And often it has no real consequence.

And that example is just something simple like text messaging, and it ended up being quite funny.

But what about when people presume they know how to do something, when they don’t.

And continue to make that presumption


Like for 30-40 years.

Like a client I knew who was a runner.

She loved to run.

She ran until she couldn’t run anymore.

Then her knees and hips needed replacing and she had heart disease.

The doctors said it was too much running and dieting.

She realised she had spent her entire life chasing health using a method that actually DESTROYED her body.

What a mistake to make.

Rich “it’s sad to see” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I talk about why most people are truly UNHAPPY, why it’s usually OUR own fault, and what to do about it.

I actually share what I did to come from being unhappy and close to bankruptcy to where I am today.


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