That’s One Way To Lose 40lbs (NOT Recommended)

One of my lovely ladies, Liz, shared this story with me and I wanted to share it.

It is one way to lose weight I wouldn’t recommend.

It goes something like this…

A lady decides she wants to get fit and in shape

Like lots of ladies she struggled with her tummy.

She doesn’t like going to the gym and wanted to do it in the privacy of her own home.ab roller

So she bought an ab roller.

On her first session using the ab roller, she fell flat on her face and broke her jaw.

She then lost over 40lbs in the following few months because her jaw was wired.

That’s certainly one way to lose weight but not ideal eh.

I hear this sort of thing from time to time, people deciding to D.I.Y their own weight loss and fitness plan, and through no fault of their own, really make a
total mess of it:

Getting injured
Hurting themselves

The ab roller is not a bad piece of equipment, I have one in my gym.

The trouble is,

A.  it’s not suitable for beginners or people who have back problems 
B.  it was the totally wrong choice to help this lady lose weight.

It may come as a surprise but doing sit ups generally does not reduce the size of your waist or have any significant effect on weight.

Trouble is, it does NOTHING to the body fat.

It just tones the muscles underneath

The logic we have is that


BAD NEWS – sorry to break it to you hot lips but that’s a crock of shite.

SPOT REDUCTION, as it’s known, is not possible.

The only way to reduce and flatten your stomach is a good diet plan and some light exercise routines which build you up gently.

I am of course biased, but something just like this:

Richard “dispelling myths” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I’m going to explore why some people’s willpower is NON EXISTENT and as usual give you little pointer to sort it out.

But it’s chow for now from me…


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