To Her Surprise She Gained 4 lbs, so we did this…

Ok pork chop I have a story for you…

One of the girls had GAINED 4lbs, after losing over 50.

She wasn’t sure why, so I tested her pee.

And she was a little on the acidic side.

Previously when I tested her she had been slightly alkaline, which is preferable.

*I’m not going to explain the ins and outs of acid/alkaline today as it’s not my point plus I have done it many times in the past.

Just know this, people who are alkaline have more oxygen in their body than those who are acidic, which has many benefits.*

So with that news, she was not happy.

Upon further investigation we discovered the reason for the slip

I’ve had enough of eating greens” she confessed.broccoli

So we had a little chat and came up with a few ways she could get more greens “down her Gregory” (neck).

The trouble is, quite often when you’re on a weight loss plan, you can run out of
enthusiasm, and give up, just like this lady did.

And to be fair, when you’re eating green vegetables 2-3 times a day for 9 months it can get VERY boring.

So we just freshened things up. The result being she quickly got back on track with her weight loss.

My advice to you, if you’re a bit “off” your healthy food, and just can’t bring yourself to look at another floret of broccoli, or piece of chicken.

Take a break from your current plan and make a new one.

It stands to rights that over time you will lose enthusiasm for a task.


And applies to lots of situations in life, just like when you have become BORED of your rabbit food.

Over time, enthusiasm for a task reduces.

So it’s quite normal.

And the good news is you can do something about it to REIGNITE your enthusiasm for the challenge ahead.

Richard “time for a change” Clarke

PS – tomorrow I share a tale about a woman who bought some new equipment to exercise at home and she surprised herself and lost 3 stone (40lbs) in 3 months after using the equipment just ONCE.

You won’t believe this one…until then you sexy beast.


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