Days v Evenings

I’m in the gym chatting with the girls…

I’m just doing the rounds and checking where they are all at with their diets.

Tina was telling me how she is struggling with eating well while at work.

She explained that EVERY DAY at work, someone brings in things like

Tins of biscuits
Birthday cakes
Boxes of chocolates

And they make coffee and eat their way through whatever is on offer.

And as a result Tina has a SUGAR BELLY.

I get this a lot.

People tell me “I’m fine when I’m not in work

or they say the opposite

I’m fine when I’m in work, it’s the evenings once the kids are in bed which are hard

Either way, if you struggle with days or evenings

It comes down to the same things…

Will power

Self control

Self discipline


I’m not sure where you fit in to that little lot, but get your head around this.

They are ALL MINDSET related.

The trouble is, all this mindset and motivation stuff takes time to work and is not easy to do.

Plus it’s impossible to work on your mindset if you are stressed.

High levels of STRESS make any WILLPOWER and self discipline you may have


So with that said, to help our MENTAL strength improve, we FIRSTLY need to work on our stress levels.

And I will give you this tip, you can reduce your stress just by cleaning up your diet.

The junk foods you eat actually increase feelings of stress.

If you eat well, your stress levels will reduce, EVEN IF the stress doesn’t go away.
You can just HANDLE IT better because you’re well nourished and have the nutrients to reduce the stress hormones racing around your body.

And in other news…

The doctors have sent my wife and I a letter telling us that my 6 year old son can now have a FLU VACCINE administered by an inhaler rather than an injection.

My response?

(Cryptic Clue)
Go make love in a far away place 😉

Richard “different approach” Clarke

PS – tomorrow I discuss another weird and wonderful topic, and share my views on women’s FEET.

Speak more then my friend…


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