This Is The Real Problem

I’m up early, the kids are still in bed.
My missis has gone to bootcamp.
I wanna get this email done because it’s half term and we are going to Cardiff to the “build a bear workshop”.
For those that don’t know, it’s a place where kids can build their own cuddly toy and mums and dads get fleeced for 50 quid 😉
My son is very excited as you can imagine.
It will be the sort of day where I will not be following my normal eating plan.
I will definitely have a coffee or two and will probably have at least one “treat meal”.

Kittikun Atsawintarangkul
I could have anything like a pizza or a burger, with a few chips and a coke of course.
I tell you this so you know I’m normal, I eat bad food too, so do my clients.
The big difference is, it’s usually in context.
Today’s indulgence has been planned in.
Its not an emotional reaction to something bad that happened.
I knew we were going and I have planned ahead.
Planning your “blow outs” is the biggest change in many of my clients and a major reason for their long term success.
They move away from the destructive emotional and impulsive eating (AND drinking).
And they move toward stable planned “treat meals”.
Sounds boring but it’s not. It’s reality.
This approach allows you to live life and enjoy a good night out (without feeling guilty).
Without fear of putting it all back on. (I have one client who can put 7-10lbs on in a weekend)
I also know a lady who has lost 10 stone, the trouble is its the SAME stone she lost – ten times.
It’s not even a joke, I wish it was.
For most people losing the weight is not the major problem. 
The problem is – KEEPING IT OFF.
Anyone can lose weight, but why is it only some people can keep it off FOR GOOD?
I think it’s down to your approach and mindset, amongst other things.
My clients, via my programme with help and support learn HOW to do it & WHY they should do it all.  
Then it’s up to them.
I can’t tell you exactly how to do it ALL in an email, but I can tell you this my friend…
  • You need to restructure your life, do the nice treat things a little less often.
  • You need to start to learn how to cook a few TASTY & CLEAN meals.
  • NO ONE can eat and drink what they like and not suffer consequences.
  • It requires willpower and self discipline.
  • It requires you to go more than a week without a blow out or binge.
  • It requires you to learn what happens to your body when you eat different meals at different times.
  • It requires you to realise how good you feel when your “on the diet/healthy eating bla bla bla”and how bad you feel when your not.
  • It requires a you TO WANT to feel good and NOT to feel like crap anymore.
If my clients have a “special occasion” coming up they will have a good run up to it.
Usually they would have been 2-3 weeks eating clean between major indulgences.
This switch in approach is a BIG key to permanent change and keeping it off – in the LONG TERM.
This allows my clients to have a few drinks and eat a bad meal every now and then (and bloody enjoy it) and know the wheels are not going to come flying off.
Give it a try. 
Rich “it’s all in the head” Clarke
PS – This weeks podcast is a Q & A, it covers treatment for an auto-immune disease, we talk about low libido’s, man boobs, erectile dysfunction and what to do if you DONT want to take statins to reduce your cholesterol. 

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