She Wouldn’t Wear Any Knickers‏

Today I’m gonna tell you the confessions of a serial dieter.

I was taking to one of my clients the other day Liz Bowen (hello Liz) and she was telling me how she was a gold member at all the dieting clubs.

Weight watchers
Slimming world

Stuart Miles
Stuart Miles

Rosemary Connelly

She had done them all during the last 30 years.

She said she knew every trick in the book.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I asked.

She explained.

They all pretty much have a weekly weigh in and “a chat to see why you’re fat“.

Straight off the bat was the first lie, she would tell the leader she was taller than she was so her target was easier to reach.

Next she told me how on the first week you can pig out before you go and wear HEAVY clothes, so you weigh MORE ON PURPOSE, so it’s easy to lose the following week.

On top of that she would wear tights or leggings and Big knickers and a big bolder holder (bra).

Over the following weeks she explained how she would turn up in less and less and lighter clothes to the point she would only be wearing a light dress and no knickers or bra, and she would still reach target.

I was shocked, I have obviously led a sheltered life but there’s more.

Other strategies included:
– Using laxatives three days before the weigh in.

– Eating what she wanted all week and then starving herself three days before her weekly weigh in.

– Going out for a slap up meal or having a take away straight after every weekly session.

To some people this may beg the question, why bother if you’re going to cheat?

But that question would imply that you thought women use logical thinking.

However as all the ladies know, they aren’t logical especially when it comes to their bodies.

It’s more EMOTIONAL than logical.

Liz said it’s all about self protection.

Maintaining the morale in the mothership.

Because if they turn up to slimming club and haven’t reached target, all sorts of stuff could happen.

Emotional stuff.

If they see lots of the other women have lost weight and they have gained, they feel a failure.

Even if it’s just half a pound gained, which is ridiculous it could send them into a destructive spiral.

An unhappy woman is capable of all sorts of craziness, I know as I have made many women unhappy!

They think “well I tried my best and didn’t lose weight so screw it I might as well do what I like, where is that wine?

Some never go back ever again because they FEEL a failure.

They may think what’s the point and and have a binge for a week on crisps and chocolate and gain any  weight they did lose back – and a bit extra.

Liz said the little strategies she used were there to save her if she hadn’t been good.

She also said in her opinion, they don’t care about you losing weight. You can eat what you want.

They don’t teach you how to eat properly.

“I have learned more about food in 6 weeks with you that I did with them”. (her words not mine, I actually have a video from Liz coming soon)

On one of the plans, I think it was slimming world but don’t hold me to it, she said you could eat UNLIMITED fruit and potatoes but you couldn’t have NUTS.


^^which is the COMPLETE opposite of what I told her^^

I told her to keep it to one or two portions of berries a day and only small amounts of potatoes on exercise days.

AND I told her to eat nuts EVERY day.

Following my plan she has lost a stone, plus 5 inches off her waist in 6 just weeks. (4 of those weeks she was on light exercise only).

Rich “nuts every day” Clarke

PS – If you want to learn what Liz has learnt, just hit reply and I will send you over a form to get things started during April.


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  1. Do you have a plan i could follow im 5 ft 4 tall 47 yrs old 12st 2lbs and need to get my bmi down to normal thanks gaynor

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