Two weeks til the big race and her calf goes pop

Injured runner and personal training member asks:


Hi Rich, The Swansea half Marathon is in two weeks and I’ve popped my calf on my long run yesterday. I’m devastated ;-( as you know I’ve been training for this since January and now I don’t know what to do for the best, I need to do a few more training runs plus I’m doing it for charity so don’t want to pull out. Any advice would be appreciated x


I sent this lady some detailed advice. The gist of which is below.

Lots of runners are picking up injuries right now, its two weeks before the Swansea half marathon and the training mileage is reaching its peak. I see this all the time.

First off, don’t panic, you should be OK to do the race.

You won’t like it, but my advice would be to not run between now and the big day. I’d still train, go to the gym but focus on circuit training, the cross trainer and the bike. Also I would ice the affected area over the coming days, DO NOT STRETCH IT. Once you’ve stopped limping and the pain has subsided, get yourself a deep tissue sports massage.

Maybe you learned something there, maybe not.

Either way, a deep tissue massage is great if you’re an injured runner, but it can also help if you’re stiff in your back neck and shoulders, maybe from sitting at a desk all day.

I’ve personally been offering sports massage to my clients for 20 years, the bad news is i’m fully booked most weeks.

The good news is, if you want a massage, from someone you can trust, I have a team of experienced deep tissue sports massage therapists.

Just to warn you, this kind of massage is a little painful, but in a good way, and it feels wonderful to have all that tension released from your body.

To get a deep tissue massage and relax your stiff and achy muscles, call the office on 01792 893127 to book.

Richard Clarke

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