Email subscriber Lesley Williams writes:

Email subscriber Lesley Williams writes:


Hi Richard,
I would like to join one of your slimming clubs as I think you could really help me I have tried slimming world, weight watchers etc but I feel that they focus too much on what people have lost or gained that week and not how to maintain a good healthy balanced diet, which from reading your emails is what you seem to promote, however it would be too far for me to travel to the places you are holding your classes, I have work commitments and also committee commitments, are you thinking of starting classes nearer to the Cardiff/Newport area or is there an online version I could do?


Spot on Lesley, rule #1 of my new rules of weight loss is that your main goal should be to focus on getting healthy, and NOT, shock horror, focusing on losing weight.


Because when you get healthy, you lose weight as a “side effect”.

However, when you focus on weight loss at all costs, like many diets do, you don’t get healthier.

For example, if you follow the main slimming clubs plans, and are eating, bread, cereal, pasta, and low fat foods, you can get lighter, but you will not get healthier.

Ironically, even though with these misinformed slimming clubs, you’re supposed to be on a low carb/sugar approach, if you eat low fat foods, you will actually be consuming lots of sugar (a carb). Plus these plans usually encourage you to eat sugar free foods (work that one out), so you inadvertently eat lots of sweetener filled rubbish too.

All this basically means you will be sick and UNHEALTHY, and will eventually stop losing weight all together.

To join a slimming club that focuses on health, and has the nice “side effect” of fast weight loss, go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

PS: If you’re like Lesley and not local to Swansea, but want to follow my plan, go here pay £25 and I will send you a slimming club starter pack, which includes a copy of my book and nutrition plan. Plus I will add you to my Facebook members group so you can ask any questions you may have.

PPS – If you would like to start personal training with me up at the gym in Birchgrove, there is a short wait. If your happy to start when we are finished, just email me back with “personal training” and I will send you the details.

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