What a movie (Rudy)

Watch yourself my little chickpea I’m feeling all inspired.

A new movie has made it into my top 10.

You may, or may not, have heard of it. It’s called RUDY. And it’s a true story. And I love a true story.

The movie is very inspiring.

In a nutshell

Basically the main character, Rudy loves football.

Playing it and watching his favourite team
– Notre Dame

The trouble is Rudy is not built to play, he is kinda scrawny and lacks size.

But one thing he doesn’t lack is heart and guts.

Anyways, Rudy has a dream to play football for Notre Dame.

People laughed at this because Rudy was so small, plus he didn’t even graduate from high school and was working as a steel worker.

Then one day his best friend died in an accident at work.

After this, Rudy decided he wanted to pursue his dream and go to Notre Dame.

Trouble is Rudy didn’t have the grades to go to Notre Dame, he was dyslexic, and would have to go to community college and do it the hard way.

He applied for Notre Dame and was rejected TWICE.

But Rudy overcame all this and at his third attempt he was accepted.

It took Rudy years.

Why do I tell you this?

Because sometimes you can feel like Rudy and that you’re not getting anywhere and you’re just treading water, and you can’t make anything work.

People may doubt you.

But if you want to better yourself, improve your life.

It all starts with a decision by you to change.

Right now, if you want to better yourself, I am running a special thanksgiving “Rudy Sale”.

If you join my MONTHLY program you will get:

*Easy to follow 10 minute, energy boosting EXERCISE routines designed and delivered by yours truly.

*New workouts EVERY week that anyone can do and I will build you up gently.

*Enjoy TASTY recipes that will help you lose weight and give you plenty of variety. We have literally 100’s of recipes in our easy to browse library.

*Mix and match the recipes – chosen for you from our FOUR cookbooks (clean curries, snacks and treats for weight loss, meat free/veggie soups, salads, smoothies and many other family favourites).

*’ALREADY DONE FOR YOU’ meal plans which deliver FAST results on a consistent basis. I have done all the thinking so you don’t have to.

*Quick tutorials and presentations, packed with golden nuggets, which take you step by step and guide you through everything little thing you need to know to lose weight SAFELY & FAST.

*I provide solutions to fix problems like bloating, constipation, sleep, stress. 

*Discover what supplements you can take in order to minimise the effects of BINGING on our favourite FOOD and drinking TOO MUCH BOOZE (we ALL do it).

And, if you DO like the course and want to continue to have me look after you, after the 14 day free trial

The full price is usually $49 per month.

But if you join as part of this RUDY SALE you will get a MASSIVE 40% discount 

and get access to the course for just $29.00 per month locked in for life.


(plus you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not for you)

Richard Clarke

PS – Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow as I have another story about Rudy and what happened when he went to college…


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