10 Reasons To Exercise Even When You’re Not Losing Weight

Ok my feathered friend today I wanted to share with you why you should exercise EVEN IF you are not losing weight.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the other benefits to be had from exercise APART from weight loss.

You won’t always be losing weight – year round.

But with just one small dose of the MAGIC MEDICINE that is exercise, you will always get ALL these benefits

Seriously you would have to take a handful of pills (and suffer the side effects) just to get half these benefits.

1.  Natural anti-depressant – exercise will lift your mood quickly
2.  Bone density – your bones will be much stronger
3.  Strength – you will have stronger arms and legs
4.  Fitness – everyday tasks and activities will become easier
5.  Balance – you will have the balance of a cat
6.  Brain & central nervous system – is stimulated
7.  Lungs – are detoxified with all the heavy breathing
8.  Blood, organs and tissues – are Oxygenated and nourished
9.  Natural Anti-histamine – is released helping keep allergies at bay
10. Sleep – is longer and deeper

Obviously with exercise there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

It’s easy to screw it up and hurt yourself or be wasting your time.

To see how I do it, if you are local then get in touch and I will tell you what spaces I have suitable in my groups and on my one-one training programme. And we can go from there. OR YOU CAN check out my new monthly program, which will be on special offer from tomorrow, UNTIL Sunday (details below).

Richard Clarke

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nuggets, which take you step by step and guide you through
everything little thing you need to know to lose weight fast.

*I provide solutions to fix problems like bloating, constipation, sleep, stress. 
*Discover what supplements you can take in order to minimise the effects of BINGING on our favourite FOOD and drinking TOO MUCH BOOZE (we ALL do it).

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Keep an eye out for the link tomorrow…(I know I’m such a tease).

PPS – Tomorrow I also share a new movie which has inspired me and easily made it into my top 10 of all time, it’s a true story which fired me up, and it’s from a movie called “Rudy”.

If you want to get your teeth into something until then, check out these Podcasts the Doc and I did about all things exercise:



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