Depressed boozer leaves slimming club and goes to pub

Depressed boozer makes my blood boil by asking:

“Where can you drink on this plan?”

And then giving up and leaving (and probably going to the pub) because she couldn’t drink as she liked, which is the part that made my blood boil.

I understand, people like to have a drink, myself included.

What I don’t understand is when someone who is depressed, and on anti-depressants, can still drink so much, more or less every night.

Its the deciding factor, whatever plan they follow, they need to be able to drink.

Funny thing, this same person asked me about how food affects her medication but was not worried about the affect of alcohol one bit.

I kinda knew, that other slimming clubs had a provision for alcohol.

They allow you to work it in.

People tell me “on weight watchers you van have 2 vodkas and diet cokes every night if you have them as your sins” like its a badge of honour.

I personally I think its ridiculous.

No wonder people follow these plans for their entire life, and get nowhere.

They use overly simplistic approaches to pretty much give the slimmers carte blanche to do whatever the hell they like.

Red and green, points, sins.

Eat as much of this “chemical filled crap” as you like.


It seems to me that drinkers who want to lose weight, don’t need to have that option when dropping timber.

They need the truth.

They need a firm hand.

Personally Im not willing to encourage such unhelpful BS.

I refuse to dull down my nutrition plan and give permission to carry on having a few drinks EVERY night.

My advice for boozy slimmers is this: drink when you want., but realise this – the less you drink the better it will be for your weight loss, and the size of your belly, and your future in general.

If people really want to change, and I’m honest, you will need to reduce your drinking down to once a week or so, and even less if you have big ambitions to have a certain “secsy” body shape.

The best way I know to overcome a heavy drinking habit, is to fill your time doing other, more productive things.

If you want to learn how I use nutrition, even with hard core boozers, to lose weight and generally change their life for the better, check out one of my slimming clubs.

Here’s the link to the form you’ll need to get started:

Richard Clarke

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