You Probably Think This Is About You

So many times in life we think something is about us.
We take things personally or get upset.
When in fact it’s usually nothing to do with us at all.
I’m sorry to break it to you – but it’s true.

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People don’t think or care about what you have said or done HALF as much as you may think they do.
My Dad always said to me “people worry more about a boil on their arse than they do about you son, you’re not that important”.
And I think he was right.
Our minds are often full of negative thoughts and emotions. Of course these negative thoughts and emotions can get out of control and ruin our lives.
They replay over and over in our minds like a bad film (movie to the yanks who follow the blog).
This is one example of how people’s brains are tangled, and need to be untangled.
All this negative stuff needs to be sorted out. It’s KEY to having a good life.
We interviewed a lady called Alexia Leachman on the podcast this week who specialises in untangling the knots in people’s brains.
Sounds good right? I have a few knots myself, and I’m sure we all do.
During the interview the Doc and I asked her to share her strategies and teach our listeners how they can rid their minds of all the rubbish or as Alexia puts it – clear the HEAD TRASH.
In the podcast we share loads of cool tips and advice and where you can get your hands on her 5 step method to untangle your mental knots.
Here is the show, let me know what you think, people who feedback care.
Take care,
PS –  There is no intro or outro on this podcast but you heard them before on all the previous episodes. Glad to say I’m getting back on track with the tech side of things. Here is the raw podcast again.

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