10 Reasons To Exercise Even If You’re Not Losing Weight

There are many benefits to be had from exercise, ASIDE from weight loss.

Which should be good news, as you won’t always be losing weight – all year round.

But with just a small dose of the MAGIC MEDICINE that is exercise, around 60 minutes a week, you will get ALL these benefits, all year round.

You would have to take a HANDFULL of pills (and suffer the side effects) just to get a FEW of these benefits:

#1. Natural anti-depressant – exercise lifts your mood quickly
#2. Bone density – your bones will be stronger
#3. Strength – you will have stronger arms and leg muslces
#4. Fitness – everyday tasks and activities will become easier
#5. Balance – you will have the balance of a cat
#6. Brain & central nervous system – is stimulated and kept healthy
#7. Lungs – are detoxified with all the heavy breathing
#8. Blood, organs and tissues – are Oxygenated and nourished
#9. Natural Anti-histamine – is released, helping keep allergies at bay
#10. Sleep – is longer and deeper

Because of all those benefits, some people say regular exercise is the SINGLE best thing you can do for your health.

The thing with exercise, and why many don’t bother, is gyms are intimidating horrible places and its easy to waste your time doing the wrong stuff. So many members have told me about how in the past they used to go to the gym, and their session involved going on the same machines every time, three hours a week, slogging their guts out, only to get nowhere.

That’s soul destroying.

Plus, its so easy to hurt yourself.

My personal training programmes show you how to get fit quickly (we do 2 x thirty minute sessions per week) without injuring yourself, without struggling, and without being “looked at” and feeling intimidated.

Its a simple programme.

But, it requires a bit of elbow grease from you.

And, it requires you to be consistent, and turn up on time.

If you cant do that?

I cant help you.

For everyone else, if interested, go here for more information and to fill out a form:


Richard Clarke

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