How to get maximum results from minimum effort

Something I’ve known a long time:

The power of food and exercise.

When I was growing up my Dad encouraged me to get a job in the local steel works.

I didn’t fancy that.

In 1997, I was trained as an exercise scientist, which is where my love affair with nutrition and fitness started.  It was then I realised the power that eating well and being fit had over peoples lives, AND the knock on effect it had on their family’s lives.

A few years into my career I worked on a specialist exercise scheme, which took in hundreds of referrals from local GP’s every year.

While delivering the scheme I recall one woman in particular, a woman who completely turned her life around and *fixed* a serious mental health problem, all because she got fit, ate better and lost weight. Over time I realised that doing this would not only save her life, but it would also help her children. Maybe even her future grandchildren. (As they would be guided by someone who is happier, healthier and more stable).

I fell in love with all this health and fitness stuff because I saw first hand, it has the POWER to change generations of people’s lives for the better.

The benefits reach far and wide, but its certainly the best anti-depressant I know.

The best part about all this, is to get most of the benefits of eating well and exercising, you really only need to eat right 60-70% of the time and exercise twice a week, for 30 minutes or so. Plus it doesn’t have to take over your life, far from it, this approach is MEANT to allow you to go out and enjoy your life.

Guess what else?

I teach people EXACTLY how to do all this on my personal training programmes.

I appreciate they are not for everyone though, they are not cheap and they are not for people who don’t value simple straight forward advice.

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Richard Clarke

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