3 Ways To Make Losing Weight MUCH Harder

Ok cupcake, lets get this show on the road.

Today I present, three sure fire ways to make the whole process of dropping lard – HARDER:

#1.  Drinking Booze (or Bingeing on food) EVERY weekend.  

This is an almost guaranteed way to make weight loss twice as hard.  Know this: The liver is the most important fat burning organ and this way of living keeps your liver well below par and unable to do its job of burning fat.

#2.  Not Eating (or eating very little).  

This WILL work initially, and then stop suddenly.  Your body is designed to protect you in times of hardship and if you starve yourself, your body will actually HOLD onto fat, and let go of MUSCLE, which is bad news for your sexy ass.

#3.  Following a plan that is FLAWED.

If your plan includes pills or potions that suppress your appetite or it includes low fat foods or encourages you to remove salt for example, there is a good chance you’re being led down the garden path as it were.  No matter how hard you try and how long you stick to a plan like that, if it follows the wrong strategy, it will never reduce BODY FAT to the level you want, which ultimately is what it’s all about.

Remember, you can lose weight on the scales i.e lose MUSCLE, but still NOT lose any actual fat.  Years of this can SCREW your body up and make you weight loss resistant, which can be like a prison sentence.

So there you have three ways to make your weight loss much harder than it needs to be, maybe you can see something you’re doing wrong from the list.

To make losing weight as easy as falling out of bed, get dressed and choose  one of the following options:

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Richard Clarke

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