Hen Party, Holiday Weight Loss and Drinking Wine (Q and A)

Hello you sexy beast, we have a bit of Q & A action today:

Ok here goes . . .

QUESTION #1:  Hi Rich. I’m going on a hen party tomorrow to a bloody Indian what would be the best thing to have? Jenna xxxx

ANSWER:  Hi Jenna, make sure you don’t starve yourself all day, eat as normal in the meal before you go out.  I would just have a main course, sensible portion and not too much rice/bread or chips, and drink lots of water with the meal.

Then make sure the next meal is quality, whenever that is xxxx

Next question . . .

QUESTION #2:  Subject line: Beach Body: Rich,  I have two weeks to lose 6 lbs- do you think this is doable? I don’t have to drink next weekend- thank God! Food diaries will be heading your way- hope that’s ok.  Maria

ANSWER:  Phew what a relief you don’t HAVE to drink this weekend, who is holding you down and making you drink alcohol every weekend?  Tell me and I will sort them out.   Is it those naughty mums up the school bullying you? 😉

To answer your question, yes it’s doable, but it’s more important how you look than what you weigh.

Send over the food diaries.

One more . . .

QUESTION #3:  Can I have a glass of wine on your plan?  Louise

ANSWER:  The short answer is YES.  However there is a BUT . . .

BUT don’t come crying to me if you don’t lose any weight because you got sozzled and ate everything that wasn’t nailed down.

Here’s the low down, if you’re talking one glass of wine with a nice meal, that’ll be fine.  However if you’re talking about a bottle of wine and a few crisps or whatever nibbles you like when you’re tipsy, NOT so fine.  Of course the decision is yours.

That’s all for today.

Until tomorrow my friend.

Richard Clarke

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