7 Reasons Why My Two Best Members Kicked Ass

Following on from yesterday’s email about our “awards” night:

Two women were honoured and had their backs well and truly patted.

And as they are my *best* members, its fair to say, we can probably learn a thing or two from them on how they “did it”.

From my perspective:

One of the ladies, Angela, won the most improved member of the year. The main reason she won the award was not only due to her completely changing her lifestyle, losing weight, giving up smoking AND starting exercise, but it was because she also consistently MAINTAINED her results for the rest of the year.

The winner of the main award, member of the year, was won by Shakira, for the SECOND year in a row.

Shakira won the second award because she managed to lose another 4 stone, on top of the SIX stone she lost the year before. 10 stone weight loss in two years is ridiculously good, and soooooo hard to do after losing the first 6.

That’s life changing stuff.

The bottom line is both of these ladies have changed their lives, and have obviously made some sacrifices, but it wasn’t hard work per se, they just made a few simple changes, and kept them going.

I asked both of them, why THEY think they’ve been so successful?

And here’s are the reasons they gave:

#1: Learning how to cook with fresh ingredients, not processed or frozen.

#2: Preparing food in advance and batch cooking, to save time.

#3: Seeing it as a way of life, not another diet.

#4: Making time for herself.

#5: Appreciating how far she’s come, and things are a work in progress.

#6: Enjoying pushing herself physically.

#7: Focusing on changing shape rather than losing weight.

This list is a VERY useful set of guidelines for anyone who wants to not just lose a stone or ten, but wants to do it AND keep it off for good, which is the hard part.

When you’re ready to become a member, lose lots of weight and/or get a bit fitter, you can get more info here:



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