Too much knowledge not enough wisdom

Frustrated subscriber Sarah Jane asks:


“Hi Richard, I feel like I’ve read every slimming book under the sun, including yours, but I still can’t lose the last of my weight. I’ve lost about 3 stone, but the last 10lbs seems impossible to shift. I feel like I know so much about dieting and I think I buy all the right foods, and don’t drink or touch any junk. No matter what I try, nothing is working, and I don’t seem to be able to budge from my current weight. I  cant come to your slimming club or gym due to work and family commitments but would like an online consultation if possible please”.

We’ve spoken about lots of people who KNOW how to do it all, but still don’t do stuff.

But this is different.

This lady knows what to do, and DOES what she thinks she is meant to do.

And despite her best efforts she can’t get the last bit of weight off, which when you’re putting your heart and soul into something, can be so deflating and can actually lead to you losing the will to carry on trying.

With the lady in question, it’s obviously not a lack of information, like lots of women, she is a serial consumer of diet books, and in the main most diets books are full of good info, and they all work, to some extent.

So what’s the problem?

It seems, to me at least, she is not lacking knowledge, she is lacking WISDOM.

What I mean is, she KNOWS lots of stuff, but obviously doesn’t really understand how her body works, and what she should do if something isn’t working (she can be forgiven as this takes years of study and experience).

No matter what the industry, any true master of their trade, has knowledge and experience in abundance, and has developed the wisdom to see through the mysteries, and to be able to figure out how to “fix” stuff.

They can solve problems, and see solutions, where other people can’t.

To coin a phrase that sums things up nicely:

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad” (Miles Kington)

So there you have it, you can read as many diet books as you like, collect all the knowledge, and still lack the wisdom to figure out why you’re not able to lose weight. Its often because your experiences are limited to just yourself.

Me, I thrive on this stuff.

It’s my thing.

I enjoy helping someone solve their mystery, and quite often I find the solutions require the person to make just a few simple changes.

But that’s 20 years experience for you, it gives you the wisdom to cut through the chaos, and now I’m starting to sound like a bragger.

So, that’s enough of that.

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