Anyone for a bit of paint thinner in your Gravy?

Saw this on the news and thought you should know:

Unsafe levels of paint thinner have been found in Lidl’s Gravy Granules.

Paint thinner in Gravy Granules?

I know some people’s gravy is terrible, and too thick, and they have to stoop to using gravy granules, don’t be ashamed we’ve all been there, but just wanted you to know, paint thinner is allowed to be used in food.

Yup perfectly legal.

But that’s not even the real issue I have here.

Did you spot the part I have a problem with?


Let me say it again – UNSAFE levels of paint thinner have been found in Lidl’s Gravy Granules.

Which means Dr Watson, that there are actually SAFE levels of pain thinner that are allowed to be added to your food.

Safe levels of paint thinner. What the hell is the world coming to when these food manufacturers can seemingly get anything they want added to their products as long as they’re not in high levels.

Some soft scoop ice cream contains anti freeze.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want chemicals added to my food.

The chemical in question is called Xylene. “Xylene is a petrochemical used as a solvent in products such as paints and inks. Exposure can cause irritation of the mouth, throat, nose and lungs and in severe cases lead to heart problems, liver and kidney damage and coma” (Public Health England).

Delicious. But I’ve had enough.

So, whenever possible, I try to eat natural whole foods, and not from a packet (or the freezer). Like the foods I recommend on my nutrition plans and in every one of my 300+ recipes. You don’t need to join my fancy programme to eat natural of course, you can just stop eating processed foods.

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