ROCK bottom – are you there yet?

Something slightly, or very, motivational, depending on where you sit on this:

Ive spoken recently about why many people lack ambition.

But there are certain folk on this here planet of ours who want nothing more than to change, and to change EVERYTHING. Quite often in life, its not until your back’s against the wall that your true potential comes shinning through. Many times I’ve had people end up at my door because they are at rock bottom.

For example someone who’s had a divorce or a major health scare.

These people are ready to change.

When things are at their worst, when their backs are against the wall, that’s when they are forced or decide that now’s the time to change their wicked ways. It seems to me, its almost a case of too little too late.

Its certainly better to make changes late than never.

Of course that’s the hard way to do it, and that approach in general fraught with risk and danger too.

But the reality is, many people are motivated to change their lives and the world around them, when they are in HUGE AMOUNTS PAIN, be it physical or mental.

No one ever changes because their life is perfect.

So if you really want to make changes, but lack motivation, one option is to wait until your back’s against the wall, your life’s gone to crap, and you’re at rock bottom, and then start.

As I said, that’s the hard way.

The easiest way to do it, would of course be to fix the problems NOW, and to not let things get any worse. But maybe that’s too simple, and maybe you like making hard work of things, maybe that’s your approach in life.

I can only speak for myself and many of my clients, but that approach is INSANE. Either way, the choice is yours.

If and when you choose to do something about your situation, and getting fitter and healthier happens to be part of that (and of course you want to learn how to “do it all” from an expert like myself) you wont go far wrong starting with a programme like this:

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