3 Steps To CHEAT Certain “Death” This December

Ok my little chicken pie, here’s something you may find useful:

I’ve already spoken about how December can be the “death” of your fitness and slimming efforts.

That is, if you let it.

My clients are some of the naughtiest elves I know and will be doing lots of eating, drinking and being merry.

snackingAnd through using my programme, some of them have discovered a way to “have their cake and eat it”.

Lots of my clients, knowingly (maybe unwittingly), will be “cheating” their way to success, using a few key strategies I’ve shown them. To this end, in the past, I came up with a “Cheat Sheet” for my wife to help during times like December. It was for her be able to eat crisps and drink wine, without it affecting her too much the following week.

Here’s my 3 simple steps to help you CHEAT your way to success this December:

#1. You don’t need breakfast the following day, if you’ve already over eaten.

#2. When you do over eat… drink plenty of water and take some quality fish oil.

#3. Eat green vegetables EVERY day… two or three portions.

That’s some free advice, squander it at your peril.

If you want more advice to slim down and or get fit, check out my slimming club’s.

They’re ideal for people who value simplicity and are ready to change their wicked ways.

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