Will I Be The Fattest One There?

Since I have recently started to do small group work again, people have started asking “Will I be the fattest one (or least fit) there?”

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What sort of question is that to ask a defenceless personal trainer?

What if I actually said, YES, you will be the fattest one there, by some margin madam.

But in all seriousness, it is a good question.

And I get asked it all the time.

It’s most often asked by people SERIOUSLY thinking about change.

People who…
– Are scared of exercise
– Dislike groups
– Are afraid of joining another group as they have had negative experiences in the past.

But either way they want to find a suitable place to get back in shape.

A place where they feel comfortable, NOT intimidated.

A place where they “fit in”.

A place where there are people “just like them”.

A friendly welcoming place, where they feel part of the “family” and NOT like an outsider.

A lady called Sue recently asked me something similar.

Actually she sent me a long (and I think drunken) email, pouring her heart out on a Saturday night – but I will let her off for that one 😉

Rich, …[enter life story here]….are the group training sessions for someone like myself who is three stone over weight and a total beginner?

Lets get this STRAIGHT.

My sessions are for ANYONE.

It doesn’t matter ONE BIT where you are at right now.

As long as you ARE a person who has discipline and motivation to turn up to one or two 30 minute sessions a week AND eat “tidy”…

…And as long as you ARE NOT a person that blames everything but yourself, for your lack of success

…You can join my little fitness family.

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Like I said to Sue. You always have options.

The first thing you can do is come along and try a group session, for free, no commitment just to see if you like it, and for me to see where you are at.

If it all goes well, you can start the following week.

If the group sessions are not suitable you can do a one to one programme for 12 weeks and get yourself up to speed in a more personal setting first, then transfer to the groups.

Or I will tell you what you need to do to be able to join a group.

(Basically if you can walk for a mile or 15 minutes continuously, you should be able to join one of my groups.)

I have spent years creating the right environment – welcoming, fun and comfortable, but you will have to be the judge of that, if you ever decide like Sue did, to come and train with me and some other ladies over 40 & 50+.

Here’s the thing, my friend:

*You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to*

You just need a plan (and the right environment).

Rich “the man with the plan” Clarke

PS – If you would like to join one of my groups I have a few spaces available.

The groups run on:
Monday “Exercise for the Terrified”
7.05pm or 7.40pm – Once A Week, Ladies Only
One space in each of these groups available
£120 every 12 weeks

Tuesdays at 8.30am – “Muscle Club”
One space, Mixed session, weights orientated
£120 every 12 weeks

Thursdays “Exercise for the Terrified”
7.05pm or 7.40pm – Once A Week, Ladies Only
Two spaces in each of these groups available
£120 every 12 weeks

Hit reply to apply….


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