Get Muscly In A Month

Ok sweet cheeks get your laughing gear around this:

I’ve just watched a TV show called “get muscly in a month”. The show looked into the extreme lengths some women will go to in order to go on stage and compete as a bodybuilder.

Aside from following a diet of turkey and cucumber and exercising every day, there were lots of basic mistakes that they made. Needless to say, the journalist doing this felt terrible, and struggled throughout the entire month.

But she did lose 11% body fat.

Which if I had to guess, would equate to about 14lbs on the scales.

Was it worth it?

Hard to say, but from a weight loss perspective, probably yes and from a health perspective probably no.

Could you achieve the same result following a different, less extreme diet?

Definitely yes. (my clients regularly lose 14-21lbs in 4 weeks)

This is yet another example of the lengths women will go, to get in shape quickly.

I know most of my lovely ladies don’t really want to get muscly in a month, but they do want to see great results in a month. And if you call 14lbs in a month good results, then you could do that using many less radical methods, which are easier and don’t make you feel like crap.

If you ask me, this really was a stupid approach, and sends the wrong message.

And to top it all off, once she had finished the 30 day challenge her personal trainer bought her a doughnut.

I rest my case.

So, that’s another approach I wouldn’t recommend.

To follow the safest way to make radical changes, in a month, go here:

Richard Clarke

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