Why Sheila Had A Breakdown

This is a sad story about a woman I know.

Some details have been changed to protect the people involved, but the story is a great example of a massive problem no one is brave enough to talk about.

Except me.

The lady in question, “Sheila”, is a modern woman who has a 60 minute commute, works long hours, leaving the house at 7.30am and returning 7 or 8pm in the evening.  She works through her lunch break, and her evenings are filled with making a meal, bathing and putting the kids to bed, before collapsing herself.

Due to all this, she doesn’t look after herself, and she has been constantly gaining weight for the last 5 years, averaging around a stone a year, she now also had a growing list of health problems and despite being exhausted, wasn’t sleeping well.

The HUGE increase in weight also meant she was humiliated by her image and furious with herself.

That’s when she had the breakdown.

Women are not looking after themselves and this story is far more commonplace than people realise.

A big problem I see is women are trying to be or in many cases HAVE to be, superwoman, in the sense that they have a job, plus they’re a mother and wife too.

-Going to work
-Looking after themselves

Then, add to that, the expectation to be good at it all and all this pressure leads to exhaustion, depression and a big sense of failure.

I know it makes some people mad, but its another symptom of how we have got life twisted back to front.

So what could Sheila have done differently?

It seems, to me at least, it would be easy to say that Sheila could have asked for help or said enough was enough before she had the breakdown, but exhausted people dont always make the best decisions.

It was totally selfless. She was sacrificing herself for the good of the family, like so many women. (Only it backfired because it was unsustainable and in reality a living hell).

If you’re a woman in this situation, who is overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted, the good news is, there are ways to turn this situation around fast.

One way is using my programmes.

It wont solve your work – lifestyle problems.

But it can solve your weight, health and energy problems, and tip the balance back in your favour so you start sleeping better and have a bit more in the tank.

Nourishing your body with good food (and the right type of exercise) will act as therapy for your body and mind and help you get yourself back to feeling, well like, yourself again.

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Richard Clarke

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