High Protein Recipe: Banana and Cinnamon Oat Omelette

Nice new recipe I have recently tried.  I had it for lunch last week with a FEMALE client. You could also have it as breakfast as a main meal or a quick snack!!

This is based on portions for someone who weighs about 10 stone…

2 egg whites – 1 yolk, 25g porridge oats, sprinkle of cinnamon (to taste) – mixed together in a jug, fry it like an omelet/pancake(non-stick pan).

Fry in 1 teaspoon of olive oil or 1 cal spray x 20! (gotta love the 1 cal spray!). Then finally add 1or 1/2 sliced banana on top while its cooking….flip it ….put it on a plate ……eat it …. mmmm……deeeeelicious ……its about 300-350Kcal and ALL QUALITY NUTRITION.  Easy to digest and gives you loads of energy!

The egg yolk is an optional extra (drop 60 calories) as is a small amount of skimmed milk.  Cut the oats in half for a lower carb and calorie option.  Some Men(over 12-13 stone) would need an eggstra white or two!! Sorry for the bad yokes…..enjoy 😉

All these figures are approximate calculations, don’t shout at me if they are not spot on I’m just trying to help..LOL 

Nutritional Information as Per serving above: 

Kcal – Calories–325

Protein – 20g

Carbohydrate – 30g

Of which Sugars -15g

Fat – 9g

Of which saturates – 2g


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