Vegan Muesli


1/3 cup buckwheat

1 apple (eating variety)

10 small cherries

2 – 3 tablespoons nut mix (see additional notes)

Almond milk

Plain soy yoghurt

Fresh blueberries


This dish is best prepared a few hours in advance (leave overnight if to be served for breakfast)

Chop the nuts and apple coarsely. Mix with the buckwheat and add the cherries. Pour enough almond milk over the mixture to just cover. Cover. Allow to stand overnight in refrigerator.

Stir well before serving, and add a few spoons of Soya yoghurt and fresh berries.

Nut mix.

Keep this mixture handy for salads, in muesli, in baking and as an in‐between snack.

1 tablespoon each: chopped pecans, chopped walnuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. 2 teaspoons each: poppy seeds and sesame seeds. ¼ cup shredded coconut (optional)

Mix all the nuts well, and store in a well sealed container.


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