How To Enjoy Your Nights Out GUILT FREE

Some Q & A action for your fine self:

QUESTION #1: Hi Richard, thanks for the Xmas tips I’m going to try and stick to those. I know you said not to start too early but I have three nights out planned, plus a lunch all before Christmas day. I really dont want to ruin all the progress I’ve made following your diet plan. Should I cancel something? Catherine

ANSWER: Definitely not. Dont cancel anything. Stick to the normal eating plan and enjoy your nights out GUILT FREE. When I said dont start Xmas too early, I meant sitting in the house eating boxes of chocolates and mince pies, for the next 4-6 weeks. If you eat well and follow my plan your body should now be able to cope with a few boozy meals out, without it setting you back too much.Christmas DinnerNext question . . .

QUESTION #2: Hi Rich,Is it worth doing the 7lbs in 7 days plan for 6 days if I’m going out on Saturday or should I start it after xmas? Maz

ANSWER: Hi Maz, Yes 6 days would still be very effective.

Next, and last question for today . . .

QUESTION #3: Hello Richard, How likely is it that I lose weight if I adapt to your eating plan? I have M.E, under active thyroid, rsd and nerve damage,so exercising is limited. Many thanks for replying. Vicky

ANSWER: Hi Vicky, Thank you for your message. I’m afraid we dont offer any guarantees,as everyone is different. When you have a lot going on, like you do, it will be slower, especially if you take medication. I would say in an ideal world you probably need specialist support.

Our weight loss plan is entirely health focused, so general health and some health conditions will improve. Our other members have reported lots of big changes in their conditions.


Maybe you’ve learned something helpful there.

Maybe not.

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