Q: Whats The Difference Between Snowmen And Snowwomen?

A: Snowballs!lolI had that little joke from my 7 year old son, Louis. (and he told it to his teacher too). The kids have finished school and he is ready to pop with excitement.

So with that said, I’ve important playing to do, so I will keep this short.


I had this sarky question from subscriber Lucy:

QUESTION: Ok Rich, the email today seems a bit bah humbug and is putting a dampner on the xmas fun, if we’re not meant to have started xmas yet, when are we meant to start? 😉

ANSWER: As I’ve already said this month Lucy, I’m no Grinch, I LOVE Xmas. (And that includes all the food and drink too). But Xmas does not start in November, and it does not include me eating myself to a standstill. For me Xmas starts when I finish work on Friday. Can call me a weirdo if it makes you feel better.


Actually if truth be known, Im likely to over eat lots of times throughout the xmas break.

Just on the big day I will wolf down lots of turkey, stuffing, cauliflower cheese, dessert, Cheese board, the whole shebang. But compare that to previous years when I would eat jelly sweets, selection boxes and crap crisps, until I passed out, I’m like an angel.

This is the critical thing I’ve learned after abusing my body for years:

These days, even if I’m eating “whatever I like”, for me at least, there is a big difference between that, and eating badly.

The lesson: it ain’t what you do its the way that you do it. Fill your boots, with decent grub, and it doesn’t affect you like the processed, chemical filled junk.

Im off to have a kick about with my son.

Richard Clarke

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